Monday, April 29, 2013

New Books: L (Education Topics)

Title The individual, society, and education: A history of American educational ideas
Author Clarence J. Karier
Publisher Illinois
Call No. LA205.K3 1986

Title Our Schools & Our Future...Are we still at risk?
Author Paul E. Peterson, Ed.
Publisher  Hoover Pres
Call No.  LA217.2.O87 2003

Title Rethinking Homework: Best Practices that support Diverse Needs
Author Cathy Vatterott
Publisher ASCD
Call No. LB1048.V37 2009

Title Preschool in three cultures revisited
Author Joseph Tobin, Hey Hsueh, and Mayumi Karasawa
Publisher Chicago
Call No. LB1140.25.Je T6132 2011

Title Transformations at the edge of the world
Author Ronald J. Morgan & Cynthia Toms Smedley. Eds.
Publisher Abilene Christian University Press
Call No.  LB2376.T63 2010

Title Soul Care: Christian Faith and Academic Administration
Author Harold Heie and Mrk Sargent, Eds.
Publisher Abilene Christian Uiversity Press
Call No.  LC484.S676 2012
Sample chapters
ch. 10. Strategic planning at a Christian university / Dale Soden and Kathleen Storm
ch. 11. Relationality in academic administration / Carla D. Sanderson
ch. 12. Evaluation of faculty performance and fit / Marie S. Morris
ch. 13. Encouragers wanted / Seth Crowell


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